A birthday weekend in Edinburgh

When Peter was in Sudan he worked with a British officer (among others) and last time we were in Edinburgh we had dinner together. Peter has also met him in London when he’s been here.

We were invited to his birthday party at Craigiehall, outside Edinburgh, together with a large group of whom we had not met any before. We had a lovely evening and enjoyed the food and company. We stayed at Craigiehall overnight and after breakfast the next day we went back to Edinburgh and did visit the castle.

We didn’t do that last time as it was the tatoo at the time and so many tourists. This time we took our time, only thing was that we had to carry our bags as the line for leaving them at the station was too long. It’s a nice castle and different from other castles we have seen.

Craigiehall – close up
Edinburgh castle


Mons Meg – she kept enimies of Scotland at a distance 500 years ago.
The dog cemetery – for officers dogs during Queen Victoria reign