Middle Temple Hall Lunch

After been to the Middle Temple Hall and seen the impressing hall, where they serve lunch every day for members and guests, we decided to go there for lunch. It was a three-course lunch and a salad buffet as well – today they served pumpkin soup or pea soup as a starter, for the main course you could choose between steak with roasted potatoes, fish & chips or a vegetarian dish and for dessert there where 3 different cakes (chocolate, lemon and carrot) as well as fresh fruit and berries. If we could have eaten more we could also have cheese.

The lady who showed us to our seats became our private informer, we asked her several questions about the hall but also about the main table and the only table with a white tablecloth. It is only high court judges who are allowed to sit by the main table and if they want to have lunch with their wife or other guests they have to sit by the table with the white table cloth.