Battle of Britain bunker again

Today I had booked a visit to the Battle of Britain bunker in Uxbridge for Peter, some colleagues and friends. The only reason this bunker has been preserved is because it was still used up until 1974 when it was closed but someone was clever enough to suggest it would be kept as a memory of the battle.

We saw the table where they had some idea of where the enemy’s and their own planes where, how it was done and everyone’s duty, visitors such as Churchill and all the activities going on. We also saw a documentary done in 1990 with pilots that was on active duty during the battle. Sadly, they are no longer around but it’s great that they did the recording when they did.

When we were done our group went for lunch at the White Bear in Ruislip where we had a lovely lunch before everyone had to head back to work or free time.

A replica made out of plastic as the real one was used for spareparts
The map where they could see where the enemy where but as well where their own pilots.
The board where they could see which squadrons that were ready to fight or needed to return to base.


Children were sent to the country side to survive the bombings of London

Famous word from Mr Churchill