It’s time to leave London

We have now been here for 3,5 years or rather 1333 days, we have been travelling to Wales, Scotland, Cornwall as well as other places in England. All together we have made about 440 outings while we’ve been here, met a lot of people and gained new friends.

We have enjoyed being here and would have loved to stay longer – we haven’t done everything yet =) But it is time to leave, Felicia have finished her GCSC, Emelie want to apply for university, I have got a permanent position at the school I want to work at and Peter has been offered a really good job back home. It will be nice to be closer to family and old friends but we will be back and visit those of our friends who are still here. The other friends we will visit where they may end up and they are always welcome to come visit us in Sweden.

In a few hours, we are driving on to the ferry taking us to Hook of Holland and tomorrow morning we are driving back to our house. Thank you, UK, for a lovely time and we will never forget you – we will come back and enjoy you even more.