Cuban Sandwich Festival – or not

Today we wanted to go to Ybor City and the Cuban Sandwich Festival. We found a parking lot next to 7th Street and found it a bit strange it being empty. Half way down the street I asked Peter if he knew where it was happening as there was few people and no music.

Then he looked it up and it was on the other side of Ybor City by N Nebraska Str and not over by N 21st Str where we parked 🤪 We continued walking and reached it eventually.

If a festival for the Cuban Sandwich means one vendor selling the Cuban Sandwich, one selling shaved ice, two selling hemp products and a few more we found it 😱 After walking 25 minutes in searing sun and the “festival” having no shadow we decided to walk back and have a Cuban sandwich with a cold drink somewhere with A/C 😎

The Cuban Sandwich we had at Carmine’s was very nice.