IKEA, coffee and rodeo

When we sold our house I packed some of my kitchen things into our “American” storage and the rest went to the new apartment. I must have, at some point, been thinking that I would bring some of my stuff from the flat as well. Six months later I had forgotten this part and when Peter unpacked our things here he has to buy a few things. Once I arrived I realised I need to add even more. So on Wednesday I went to IKEA – it’s empty!! Not completely but a lot of shelves are out of products. We are still waiting for a cabinet that was supposed to be in again beginning of August and now it’s some time between beginning of September and mid September.

Thursday I met up with some ladies from the base in Hyde Park Village for a coffee. Still restrictions on base for more than 10 in a group. It was nice and it was lovely to sit outside. I’ll surely do it again.