Operation Helping Hands

I went to Hyde Park Village this morning for some coffee with other spouses. Rain was hanging around but not more than some drops.

I had to leave early as I had a board meeting at lunch time with Rödebygymnasterna. That went well even if our internet is not very good.

In the evening we were invited to a dinner organised by Operation Helping Hands. The started in 2004 to help and assist families of wounded active duty military. If the active duty is wounded and end up at the Veteran hospital in Tampa the family has to provide for themselves. They will get help from Operation Helping Hands who gets contributions from individuals, corporations and associations.

Due to Covid-19 none of the wounded took part in the dinner. Before the pandemic the dinner was held at the veteran hospital but had to be moved. Maybe it will be different in the future.

Peter and I was sitting next to a Vietnam veteran who’s 84 years old. He did 3 tours to Vietnam and retired after 15 years in the armed forces. It was nice talking to them.

The sponsor of this months dinner was the Tampa sheriff’s office. I didn’t take any pictures of the visitors out of respect for them.

Officers from Tampa Sheriff’s department