Sarasota Historical Downtown became Lake Seminole bike excursion

We did stay the night in Sarasota, we found a nice looking hotel online at a good price. Looked new and situated about 8 minutes drive from downtown Sarasota. We brought our bikes to be able to bike to downtown but due to road works it didn’t work out.

Driving to the hotel I asked Peter if he had booked an Amish hotel. He says no but everywhere around us it said Amish-this and Amish-that. The hotel was in Pinecraft which is an Amish area in Sarasota. The Amish were asked to come and use the land for agricultural reasons in the 1920s and has since become a part of the city.

The hotel was really nice and spacious, the rooms being huge. We had a home cooked breakfast and it was really tasty. I would certainly recommend it.

Carlisle Inn, Sarasota

Saturday we had planned doing the historic downtown but didn’t find it. Well, we found the signs and ended up in what is the historic part. But I guess we are spoiled because 10 houses slightly more than 100 years old was not that impressive.

We decided to head back towards St Pete and instead check Lake Seminole out. Nice park just off a busy area, we unloaded our bikes and biked around the area. The temperature is still high but the humidity is going down which means you can do things without getting completely wet.