Cruising – day 1

Today we boarded Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Sea for a 6 days cruise. It’s first time doing a cruise and we are still learning.

Getting on the ship was much like boarding a plane with checking in luggage, security check and showing boarding pass and passports. And of course vaccination cards and Covid-test which was more than we did flying here. As they had a lot of crew members it was easy and quick.

First we thought it would be us and a bunch of older people but it’s actually a mix. Families with young children, young adults, middle aged people and old people – apparently we are 1017 guests but the ship can host 2490 people.

After dinner tonight we went outside to see when we where passing Skyway Bridge and then walk around a bit. Went back to our room to sit on our balcony. We got to see them pick up the pilot.

We decided to go and see their shops and art gallery. That was a quick excursion and we decided to go to the Schooner Bar. A older couple came up to us and sat down and started talking. They have done 126 cruises all over the world. Even if they have done several in Europe the man kept mixing up Sweden and Switzerland. They were nice for a while but everything was repeated at least 4 times.

Tomorrow will be a day at sea which means we will eat, drink and sit by the pool more or less.

Looking down from deck 11
Our room
Our room
Our balcony
Looking up from deck 4
Tampa Aquarium and American Victory
Ballast Point and in the very back downtown St Pete
Skyway bridge
Skyway Bridge
Skyway Bridge – a bigger ship would not make it under the bridge
The view from the Sky Bar