Cruising – day 6

After a very rocky night we woke up in Tampa. We had left our bags out yesterday evening and the only things to pack this morning was the toothbrushes and chargers.

We had buffet breakfast and took it slow as our time slot to disembark the ship was between 9-9:30. To avoid crowds you had to wait in your room for your time slot number showing on the TV.

As people seems to be unable to follow instructions our number came up at 8:40 and we could leave. Once we were off we saw why it Had become earlier. People who were supposed to leave way before us still hadn’t as their luggage was still in the pick up spot.

We’ve had a wonderful cruise and will definitely do it again. The most outstanding during this trip has been the fantastic crew – friendly, service minded and helpful whenever you had a question.

Now we are back home and I’m so looking forward to enjoy my own bed tonight, especially after last night 😎

Came back to a rainy and cold Tampa 😉