Davis Island from a roof terrace

Today Peter and I were invited to a gathering with YPO in Tampa. One of the members let them use his roof terrace for this and it was a spectacular view.

We met up with Henrik and Sanne at a place called CW’s Gin Joint downtown Tampa so we could arrive together at Davis Island.

CW’s Gin Joint
Waiting for our drinks at CW’s Gin Joint
CW’s Gin Joint
Monkey 47

When we arrived at the house we were asked if we wanted to use the stairs. I didn’t understand the question until we got upstairs and saw the elevator.

A lot of nice people and hors d’œuvre and drinks. They also had a bartender who taught how to make a few drinks.

We had a lovely evening and both going there and back learnt about fishing and Cuba.

The bartender
Tampa downtown skyline
Across the bay towards S Howard Ave
Down Bayshore Blvd towards where we live.
Part of the roof terrace
Panoramic view when sun is starting to set
We even got a goodie bag so we could create one of the drinks again