Lunch at Picnic Island

This weekend is a long weekend for Peter as it’s Public holiday and they had Friday off and will also have Monday off. It’s Indigenous People Day which that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.

We did go to the movie on Thursday to watch the new James Bond movie and Friday was a slow day at home. Saturday we went for lunch with some neighbours in St Pete.

Today Peter was installing a hitch on the car because we want to be able to take the bikes with us more easily than stuffing them in the trunk.

While he was doing that I took a long walk before I made a asparagus and broccoli quiche for us to bring to Picnic Island. We took a short walk in the area before we sat down to eat. A lovely day and the breeze from the bay was lovely.

These you can reserve and it’s a great way to get out from the sun and it has seating and tables as well as a barbecue.
You can spot dolphins here but it was to many small boats out today I think.
Downtown St Pete on the other side.
Nice view when eating.