Tampa Bay Lightning

Yesterday we had nothing planned when we all of a sudden were offered tickets to see Tampa Bay Lightning play against Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche was Peter Forsberg’s club for some years, and he was popular because several Avalanche fans were wearing club jerseys with his name on it.

We arrived shortly before they opened the arena and enjoyed the atmosphere outside before going inside. I was wearing to much clothes but in Sweden I would have worn long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, a winter jacket and jeans and still not being warm. This time I was wearing jeans and long sleeves which was great inside but not so much outside.

The game was really nice to watch as they played well and it was tight between the teams. After the third period the score was 3-3 and it was time for overtime which was intense but gave no goals. The game was decided by shoot-outs where Victor Hedman scored.

We had a great evening and to avoid the crowd finding a Uber we walk along the Riverwalk past past Tampa Convention Centre.

Victor Hedman on the wall
This is the guys you see on TV when Bolts play
Clean and lots of options for food and drinks.
National Anthem
The Bolts entering the ice
After a goal for the Bolts