Beautiful coffee morning at the beach

The coffee mornings have started again but as you have to wear mask indoors on base we will do them at the beach instead.

Personally the family centre is a bit boring and small which makes the beach so much better. They have huts with roof which make it perfect.

Today it was Poland who invited us and the food was delicious. We had savoury and sweet treats. As we were at the beach we also had the pleasure to see dolphins just outside.

Afterwards me, Elin and the kids called Peter and Lars and met them for lunch. It was slider day at base and we headed over to the truck.

Looking at some of the ladies you would think it was cold – it wasn’t…
The sweets
Mix of savoury and sweet dishes
The savoury dishes
All the ladies
St Pete on the other side of the bay
Lykke and Kasper enjoying the beach
Our lunch place