Fort De Soto Park and a clogged sewer

Saturday we were going to have the neighbours over for dinner. I cooked in the morning and when I was done I went upstairs because Peter wanted me come upstairs. I then continued to clean the upstairs’ bathrooms, which I’m glad I did. Came downstairs to clean bathroom and discovered the toilet was about to flood.

When we used water we saw the water rise again. Called the landlord who tried to get hold of a plumber. We couldn’t use water, go to the toilet and in a few hours we were going to have dinner guests 😱

I had to use the neighbours bathroom to survive the afternoon. We pushed back the dinner with 30 minutes when the plumber still wasn’t here an hour before the guests were arriving. 10 minutes before they came landlord and plumber arrived.

They were gone 30 minutes later and we could continue with our dinner. Probably it is connected to the problem we had with the sewers in the driveway. Hopefully everything will be fine now.

Today we went to Fort De Soto Park which is 5 interconnected islands (keys). It is beaches, mangroves, wetlands, plants and wildlife especially birds. According to their website more than 328 species can be found there.

There is also an old fort that was used by the Union military being stationed there during the Civil War (1861-1865). But it wasn’t until 1882 that the military reservations were official created on the two keys. There is a museum near by the old fort but we didn’t go inside today.

They have great biking routes so we brought the bikes and biked for a while. It was sunny today but quite windy and a bit cold.

On our way home we ate at Billy’s Stone Crab & Lobster, I had shrimp tacos which were fabulous. We had a wonderful day and even if it was cooler you can wear shorts and a t-shirt. But we saw people with a knitted hat, down jacket and scarfs 😳

Walking up on the fort
On top of the old fort
South of the Skyway bridge
Kite surfing on the north part
Peter in shorts and the lady in the back with hat, scarf and down jacket
A screen shot of Fort De Soto
My shrimp tacos