Arlehall’s visit 2021

Jessica and Pelle arrived the evening before the girls and Micael left. The next morning we took the girls and Micael to the airport early in the morning. We spent some time together before they needed to go through security. It was hard saying goodbye 😢

We went home and had breakfast with Arlehall’s before we went on a sightseeing. Had lunch at Salt Shack and barbecued at home in the evening.

Their second day we went to Circle B Bar, had lunch at Cracker Barrel, walked in Ybor, went to a guided tour at Tampa Bay Rum – Home of Gasparilla Rum and tacos for dinner.

Coppertail Brewery
Pelle can’t spread his arms as much as a bald eagle can.
Cigar making
These we could try
Dinner at Green Lemon with Margaritas