Christmas visitors 2021

Five days before Christmas Eve Emelie, Felicia and Micael came to visit. They arrived late in the evening after a short delay.

It was lovely to see them and even if it was late we stayed up a bit to just talk. They woke up early next day and we did some driving around to see the area around us. We went to the base and drove along Bayshore Blvd. Then they wanted to spend time in the pool.

While they have been here we have seen and done a lot as well as just relaxing. We did go to Ybor, Riverwalk, Circle B Bar, Amateur Works, shooters world, TreeUmph, shopping and the beach.

Christmas Eve we packed the cooler and beach chairs and went to the beach on base. We were there all day and ate our lunch there. Once we were done we headed home for showers before going to Cigar City Brewery for dinner.

To have had the girls here has been lovely and we were sad to say goodbye yesterday but are looking forward to having them here again.