Manatee Viewing Centre

After being in quarantine for 11 days we needed to get out of the house. Peter had found a brewery in Bradenton that was said to have the biggest beer garden in Florida.

Arriving at the brewery by lunch time we were looking forward to have something to eat as well as drink. It was a bit chilly outside and we decided to sit inside.

Got informed that they no longer served food as the kitchen had closed Peter just tried one of the beers before we went looking for a place to eat. I found a place called Tom’s Bad Ass Bar & Grill and only because of the name we went there.

The place wasn’t fancy in any way but the food was excellent. Peter had a BLT and I had baby back ribs and if it hadn’t been so far away we would go again.

On our way back home we had decided to go to Manatee Viewing Centre and were lucky to get there before the gate closed.

We have seen manatees before but they are hard to see as they live in the water and just stick their nose above the water to breath.

Picture borrowed from internet
Not easy to see when taking pictures
We even saw some stingrays passing by