Last day in New York…

for this time. I would love to come back and do more. New York is a big city and has so much to offer one have to choose.

As we needed to head to the airport around 4 pm we chose to do some shopping. Peter preferred to do some more sightseeing and headed to USS Intrepid to see USS Growler. It’s a American submarine built in 1955 and was in use between 1958-1964.

We met up at the street market of 6th Avenue just outside Nordstrom Rack. Peter had some German bratwurst for lunch before we walk down to Surreal Creamery close to the apartment. The ice creams looked so delicious but I chose not to have one as the size was humongous.

An old church on our way down E 29th Street (The Church of the Transfiguration)
Felicia had a Chocolate Blackout
(Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Syrup, Cocoa Puffs, and Oreos)
Peter had a Nom Nom Cookie
(Blue Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Syrup, Cookie Crisp, Marshmallows, and Oreos)

We all flew out of Newark so we could stretch the time together a little longer travelling there together.