Second day in New York

At 8:30am we left the apartment and walked to the UN building which is about 10 minutes away. We took some pictures before we headed to Grand Central which we walked through and came out at the main entrance.

Felicia found a Sephora she wanted to go to before we walked to Rockefeller Centre and took some pictures.

Between there and Times Square we had to go to Urban Outfitters before the pictures at Times Square. By now we were hungry and started to look for somewhere to have lunch.

We had lunch at Five Guys on our way to Empire State Building. We booked tickets to go up to floor 86 to see the view. It was spectacular and we could see where we are staying as well as Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and everything else.

The Empire State Building was finished in 410 days in May 1931. The building is 443,2 meters (or 1454 feet) high and weighs 331 000 000 kg (or 730,000,000 lbs).

We were going to dinner with a colleague of Peter so we headed home before meeting up with her at Banc Café.

St Patrick’s Cathedral
Statue outside Rockefeller Centre
Rockefeller Centre
Times Square
Movies about the construction of the Empire State Building
Going up in the elevator
Tonight’s dinner place