Dunedin and celebrating 27 years married

27 years ago we said yes to each other at Torna Hällestad church. It was a lovely day then and so was today.

Torna Hällestad kyrka

We drove to Dunedin that’s located north of Clearwater. It has about 36 000 inhabitants with a Main Street with a small town feeling.

After we parked the car we walked down to the marina. From there we walked all the way to the top of the Main Street.

Of course we ended up at a brewery but didn’t find one serving food as early as lunch. We found a Mexican place with delicious food.

The marina
Clearwater in the distance
The crossing as a fish bone
A memorial for those who has served
A train-bike-stand
The newest brewery in Dunedin
Something to drink
A small Hawaiian restaurant we passed
Dunedin house of beer
Dunedin house of beer
The Mexican restaurant were we had late lunch
The Mexican restaurant were we had late lunch
Peter had a Margarita
Tamales with chicken

We ended the day by going to the movie.

Mango mojito and a water