A few days in Collinsville, IL

Last week I went to Illinois to see my friends living in Collinsville and my friend currently living in Neapel. We all met in London while living there and both Colleen and Mary ended up living fairly close to each other when the tie in London was up.

I saw them last three year’s ago when Peter and I spent a week there. Then we did sightseeing so this time it was more just hanging out.

Mary is staying in St Louis while visiting US and picked me up from the airport and we headed over to Illinois where Colleen was waiting with lunch. The afternoon went past quickly and five hours later we were far from done talking 😊

We had nothing planned but a baseball game but had lunch at the Botanical garden in St Louis as well as a lunch at a greek restaurant.

It was lovely seeing them both, catching up as well as seeing Daryl, Athena, Sophia, Elizabeth and Jon.

The bar at my “hotel”
Outside Busch Stadium
St Louis Cardinals vs San Diego Padres
Before saying goodbye after a lovely week