Vacation in Sweden 2022

Peter and I spent three weeks in Sweden as our vacation. First five days we spent in Scania which is in the very south of Sweden and where our parents live as well as Emelie and my brother and his family.

We flew out from Tampa to Frankfurt and unfortunately the connection to Copenhagen was cancelled weeks before our date and we ended up having 7 hours layover in Frankfurt. I do not recommend spending 7 hours in Frankfurt on a Sunday… As we just travelled with carry-on we could catch the train quickly.

We had lunch with Peter’s parents and in the evening we met up with my oldest friend and her partner. We had a wonderful evening which resultet in them booking a visit to Tampa later this fall.

We spent time with Emelie, my parents and my brother and his family. We helped Emelie with organising parts of her new apartment as she had just moved in two days earlier. It’s a very nice apartment and well planned and I’m sure she’ll love it there. We had lunch at Ålabodarna in Glumslöv where she has been working this summer as well. Lovely food as always and we went to my brother’s place where we had a lovely afternoon and evening together.

We took the train to Karlskrona to see Felicia and meet up with more friends. In Karlskrona we had a busy schedule seeing friends, take part in different activities and just enjoying ourselves.

We saw friends living in the archipelago and took the ferry there, we had lunch with other friends, we visited friends in their homes and summerplaces, we celebrated Felicia turning 22 years old, visited our workplaces and melted away as there was a heatwave in Sweden. They heat wasn’t worse than in Tampa but as AC isn’t something we have indoors the tiring part is that you can’t get away from the heat.

There’s a limit to how many times you can go to the store and stand in their dairy area 🤪

We were flying out of Copenhagen early and took the train to Malmö the evening before and stayed at a hotel. We still needed to wake up at 6 am and arrived in Tampa 19 hours later 🥱

Felicia & Peter