Monday morning we understood that we might be hit by hurricane Ian and started to prepare for leaving. We had to make sure to pack every valuable and those things we couldn’t bring we had to put in water-safe containers in case the house would flood. We live in an area that is likely to flood and by Monday afternoon we got the message that is was mandatory evacuation for zone A (in which area we live).

We decided to pack the car and leave Tuesday morning early to be able to avoid to much traffic. We headed to Orlando and by Tuesday evening hurricane Ian turned, it did hit Fort Meyers which is about 207 km south of Tampa.

We stayed in Orlando until Friday as we knew our area was without any power but we had gotten words that we had no flooding and the wind hadn’t been to bad. When we came home we were happy because if we would have been hit like Fort Meyers the girls vacation would have been over.

Feel really sorry for those who was hit and in hindsight we could have stayed but why take our chances. We only had to rake up some leaves and tree branches and throw out some of our food that had gone bad in the fridge and freezer.

Moving the motorbike to a safer place
Traffic going back was not bad.