The girls have seen a lot of native animals of Florida, alligators, dolphins, raccoons, turtles and a lot of birds, as well as manatees but from a distance. But today we went to Homosassa to see them up close.

When we arrived we parked at the main road and took the boat down to the state park. It was a lovely way down the Pepper River and the captain was funny talking about everything around us.

We had a wonderful day at the State park that have both wild and captures animals. The captured animals are representing their species and are there for different reasons but the common one is that each of them can’t survive in the wild on their own. We didn’t go to see black bear, red wolf or Key deer but we passed the oldest hippopotamus in captivity. They have tried to have him relocated but as that didn’t work he has become a member of their family – he’s 60 years old and every year on his birthday the school kids come and sing for him.

The boat tour on Pepper River
For birds and the metal at the bottom is so the raccoons and snakes won’t steal the eggs