We were supposed to go to Miami last weekend but as we needed to go back home after the evacuation we postponed it for this weekend instead.

We left early Saturday morning to be able to see as much as possible. We drove over the small ”town” Yeeahaw former know as Jackass. We just wanted to see this place but it is no longer so much to see. The inn has been long closed and it’s a place people just pass without noticing.

When we arrived in Miami we stopped in Wyndwood to see some street art. We started at the Smorgasburg which is an open food market. Walked around to see what they had and then I settled with Raclette and the others decided to have the same. When we were done eating and started to walk the rain came and we had to take cover. Peter got the car and then we drove over to Wyndwood Brewery. Had some drinks there and played some board games until it stopped raining.

We then went to Miami beach and standing on the beach we were caught in a short rain storm and five minutes later it was over.