Early this morning we headed to Savannah in Georgia. It’s about 6 hours drive and by lunch we arrived.

We started with a stop at Wormsloe historic site which is where Noble Jones settled in 1733 after arriving with the ship Anne. Next to it there is the old Wormsloe plantation but it’s a private property. The entrance to the plantation was grand and you could feel the history while driving along it.

Finding a parking spot in Savannah was not easy as it is Saturday and there was both a pride parade as well as a film festival going on. Once parked we started to walk.

It’s a beautiful town with lots of southern characteristics. The town is full of squares, some just with trees and others with statues and benches. We walked for hours before feet and backs started to protest. Now we have checked in and had dinner.

Entrance to Wormsloe
A grand oak by the entrance
The driveway
Termites has been busy
City Hall
One of many weddings we saw