Tarpon Spring and Dunedin

Today we went to Tarpon Springs to eat greek food and show the greek part of the area. The area is famous for it’s sponges and that a great part of the population is Greek, some even still speaks the language.

We ate at Mama’s Greek Cuisine and I had a wonderful mousaka and Peter pasta (very Greek 😉). We also went in to the Sponge Museum which is more or less a store selling sponges and then they have a small room with a video about how they retrieve the sponges.

From Tarpon Springs we drove to Dunedin which is a very nice lite town Just north of Clearwater. Normally there is a Saturday market but that had been cancelled due to the hurricane warning earlier that week. We walked around for some time and then went to Caledonian Brewery for a beer before we headed back to Tampa.