Baby shower in Illinois

Yesterday we left a cool Florida with around 13C / 55F and flew to St Louis and was met by more winter temperatures 0C / 32F. It was cold!!

It took forever to get our luggage and when we got to the rental car office they couldn’t find our car and we had to find a new one. The guy got confused when we gave our address (Florida), showed our Swedish driver’s license and payed with a Swedish card. He wished us a nice trip and reminded us that in US they drive on the right side of the road 😳

When we got the car we headed to Collinsville and the Hancock’s. We had dinner with them and stayed the night. In the morning we woke up to -7C / 19F. We then drove about 2 hours southeast to Marion where the baby shower for Elizabeth and Jon.

We were in a really nice “barn like” place and they had done it really cute. The food was brunch themed and there was sausage rolls, mini quiche, potato casserole, cheese, bread, waffles, scones, ham, fruit, yoghurt, granola and cakes. We had a few hours of good time. When we had cleared the place the Hancock’s returned to Collinsville and we headed east and are now spending the night in Evansville, Indiana.

St Louis Airport
Crossing Mississippi River