Fort Knox & Louisville

We woke up to a lovely day and left Bardstown after breakfast. We were heading to Fort Knox but stopped at Boundary Oak distillery as we passed it. They had a lot of cool bottles and we tried some that tasted very little bourbon.

The prices for doing a tour is not expensive but their bourbons are the same price as if you buy a nice 30 year old Scottish whisky in Sweden – and then there’s a lot more tax going in.

Boundary Oak is a small distillery doing only 18 barrels a week. The name is due to them being located where an old oak was and it was in a legal battle between Abraham Lincoln’s father and some others. Don’t know if the story is true but it’s a good story.

You can’t visit Fort Knox but we did take a picture of a very famous site and that was enough. Just after passing by Fort Knox we went to General Patton Jr Museum. Interesting but I was done long before Peter was 😱 I did learn something new and it was that Patton did compete in the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.

When we reached Louisville it was lunch time and as the Angel’s Envy Distillery was fully booked we went to a brewery instead for lunch. It was called Against the Grain and the food was delicious.

A lot of distilleries are closed on Tuesdays (which we didn’t know before) and the others were busy and some of them you needed to book a tour 3 months in advance.

We did some walking along Main Street and the bourbon district of Louisville. Some really nice buildings but as many downtowns in US mostly corporate buildings and few restaurants. But we got a couple of hours of walk at least.

We drove past Kentucky Derby when going to our hotel but decided not to go in as we felt we had done a lot of walking and we’re not that into horse racing.