Salvador Dalí & Sunken Garden

I haven’t been to the Salvador Dalí museum or the Sunken Garden yet. So with visitors it was time.

We started the day by going to the Dalí museum and even if it’s not a big exhibition it’s still a lot to see.

After that we had lunch at a Red Mesa Mercado a Mexican restaurant. They have really nice burritos and taco salad bowls.

Even if it was hot we decided to go to Sunken Gardens a botanical garden in the middle of the town. It was bought in 1911 by a man who loved flowers, he and his wife soon started to charge the neighbours a nickel for entrance. In the 1998 the town bought the place after a vote to have a one time tax to be able to.

It’s a love place to walk around. And their new history centre was interesting. Three generations have been taking care of the place.

A green heron