Sibiria & Santa Claus

We left Louisville and headed west to do some more sightseeing along the way to Collinsville.

We left a sunny and cold Louisville, Kentucky and crossed the Ohio River into Indiana.

Siberia was just a fun thing that we saw on the map after we ran into Stockholm the other day. Slightly bigger than Stockholm but we’re still talking small. The name was apparently a mistake due to a post official thought Sabaria was a misspelling of Siberia. It’s been a town since 1869 in rural Indiana.

When driving from Siberia to Santa Claus we happen to pass an Archabbey in the middle of nowhere. No clue to how it ended up there but thru both Kentucky and Indiana we saw a lot of Catholic Churches.

Arriving in Santa Claus was a disappointment. We hadn’t researched this enough but they had no town centre as we had imagined, you know a Main Street with small shops along it and where it would be a lot of Christmas. They had a museum where it all started and the old church, there you could also let your kids write letters to Santa. Then there was a amusement park (which was closed) and a gigantic Christmas store next to the post office and the grocery store. Well – we’ve been there now.

We had lunch and I tried fried green tomatoes which was ok. We arrived back in Collinsville late afternoon.

We’ll drive an hour in 4 minutes
Fried green tomatoes