Thanksgiving in Illionois

Today it was Thanksgiving and we celebrated with Colleen and Daryl and their extended family.

The turkey was to go in the oven by 5 am and Jake and Nicole were in charge they were the only ones that needed to get out of bed that early. They did go back to bed once it was in the oven and got some more sleep. The rest of us helped out with dishes, setting the table, decorating and just hanging around.

All together we were 14 people – a mixture of relatives and us. It was Colleen and Daryl, their daughter Elizabeth and her husband Jon, Daryl’s father Ray, Jon’s father Jeff and his wife Tess, Jon’s brother Jake and his girlfriend Nicole, Daryl’s cousin and her husband and their adult son.

Daryl and Colleen have a big house but the dining room was almost to small but with an extra table we could all fit in.

We had regular turkey, we had smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, been casserole, sweet potato suffle, mac & cheese, kale casserole, watergate salad, stuffing, gravy, corn, roasted vegetables and for desert we had pumpkin pie, cream pie, pecan pie, apple pie and a chocolate cake.

After all the food some went for a walk, others took a rest and some watched football. When everyone was back some game were played as well as the men needed to shoot the potato gun. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the food and company was great.

Now it’s soon midnight and I’m going to bed but others are still up.

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