Christmas Eve

Food, food and some more food was today’s activity.

We started the day by having brunch at Datz. Their portions are huge and we couldn’t finish our food. Emelie and I shared two dishes – Waffles & Chicken Benedict and something called Cheezy Todd. The Cheesy Todd was a burger with “buns” made of fried mac&cheese 😱

During the day we have been laying under blankets (well me and Emelie at least) to keep warm. We woke up 0 C / 32 F which is the coldest in Tampa since 1983. The highest temp today was 5 C / 40 F. Peter had heated the pool to 32 C / 90 F and he and Emelie went in. It was too cold in the air for me 🤪

In the afternoon we did FaceTime with Felicia when she was done working. We opened our presents together and afterwards she needed to go to bed as she starts working early tomorrow.

We then started to prepare for some light dinner. Well the thought was that we had some cheese and cold meat with bread. But still we ate too much…

It was a lovely day even if we missed Felicia. Now we are watching Home Alone 2.

This is what we woke up to 🥶
Champagne Supernova
Our dinner tonight