International Night in Florida

Thursday was the International Night at MacDill Air Force Base. It’s the first one in three years due to Covid. Last year the base closed again due to rise in people getting sick and it had to be cancelled.

Last week I got 9 kg (20 lb) shrimps delivered and on Tuesday Peter’s assistant and his wife came to help us peel the shrimps. It felt like it took forever but we did manage.

Once the shrimps were peeled and we had mixed them with the sauce we sat down and had some dinner. Afterwards we had to put the mix in 400 small cups, put the lid on and try to fit them in our fridge 🤪

Wednesday I delivered all the things to the hangar where the night was taking place. That is everything except the food and drinks. It was already done by Mikael so once we had put up the stuff I brought we could leave.

On Thursday I had to move all the cups to a cooler and bring them to the base. We were serving Skagenmix, homemade meatballs with lingonberry jam, ginger snaps with blue cheese, lingonberry juice and a collection of Absolut Vodka.

We had a wonderful evening and the Swedish team was great making sure guests at our table was taken care of. The meatballs and the vodka was most popular for sure.

Peter and I tried food from Singapore (two different dishes), Pakistani food, Quatari food, Danish cookies and Uzbekistan food. Everything was wonderful but the ribs and lamb from Uzbekistan was by far the best. We also had beer from Germany, champagne from France and Moosemilk from Canada. Peter also tried Viking Blood from Denmark (mjöd).

Took some pictures but forgot some 😊