Birthday celebration

Yesterday it was my birthday 25th anniversary of turning 29 🤪

Before Peter left for work he and Emelie sang to me. She over FaceTime and he IRL and then he left for work. During the day I talked with Felicia, my parents and friends before P got back home.

I had got the instructions to be ready when he got home for a surprise. We started by having dinner at a place called Olivia – a nice Italian restaurant that had classic dishes with a twist.

Peter started with Grape Bruschetta (whipped ricotta, roasted grapes, toasted almonds, spicy honey) and I had Wagyu Carpaccio (truffle zabaglione, mushroom puffs). Then he continued with a pizza and I had a Filet Mignon. Everything was so delicious and we debated to walk to our next destination even if it would have taken us an hour.

Peter had also got tickets to the musical Hamilton which I have been looking forward to seeing for some time. It was really good and one of the best I’ve seen.

Today I was invited for lunch by my two neighbours who I have lunch with now and then. We went to Columbia – Florida’s oldest restaurant which is situated in Ybor.

Our lovely waitress filled us in on a lot of the history of the place. We saw a wall “Hall of fame” for the employees. Most of them have been there for years and years, but there was one that just said “A Lifetime of Service”. We asked why and she told us he started to work there when he was 12 and is still working.

We were early and quickly took some photos.
We were early and quickly took some photos.
Peter’s starter
Complementary dessert for the birthday girl