Live comedy club

I’ve never been to a comedy club but do follow some comedians on IG. One of them had his tour dates on his IG and I saw Tampa on it.

I went online to get tickets for Peter as a Christmas gift. Surprised by the prize as it’s not that more expensive than going to see a movie.

So tonight we went to see it. The venue is situated in northern Tampa and had a small entrance and bar area. This is the area where you wait until you can enter the club. Inside the club room there were small tables with 4 seats at each all facing the scene.

Due to it being small and narrowly it gave a closeness and connection. O

n top of the ticket price you had to buy two additional things per person at the table. They didn’t serve dinner but smaller things.

We had a fantastic evening and will try to go back and see some more. Just need to Google the different comedians so we will have a great time again.