Boca Grande

Today we took a longer day trip and went south of Tampa to Boca Grande. It’s just north of Fort Meyers which was badly hit by hurrican Ian.

Boca Grande had been hit as well but either they have recovered quickly or they were lucky. We saw damage but it didn’t seem to extensive.

I had read up on it before and it said that they had nice bike/golf cart lanes so we brought our bikes with us. It was said to be the old Florida but the place was mostly homes, both year round but it seemed to be a lot of snow bird places too. Some small shops and a gigantic golf club.

We parked at the first parking lot we could find and got on our bikes. Biked to the very south which is called Gasparilla Island where there is an old light house. It was said that it would be open but it wasn’t.

It was a windy day but it was OK as the temperature went up to 30 degrees C and the wind has started to be warm again. When we had walked a bit on the beach on Gasparilla Island we headed back north to Boca Grande.

It was time for lunch and we decided to have lunch at The Pink Elephant. Peter had read up on it and it was said to be a good restaurant. Walking in all the plates that had been served looked delicious. After lunch we took another small tour with the bikes before getting back in the car.

As the day was not over yet we decided to drive home over Arcadia which Peter suggested. He is looking for nice roads to go by motorbike and this Arcadia was supposed to have a really nice diner as well. Arcadia is in the middle of nowhere and it’s not a place you happens to pass by accident.

It’s an old town with some nice buildings that is in desperate need of TLC and the shops were mostly antique shops. They had nice things but that was it.

We walked around for a while to see the town and look for the diner Peter had found. Lets say that we did not find it and when Peter checked internet he realised the diner was in Arcadia, California 😳