Strawberry festival

At their time of the year Plant City (about 50 min from us) holds a strawberry festival. Last year we didn’t go but did this year and it was their 88th time holding this festival.

We went early and that was a good choice as the traffic and amount of people increased significantly during our time there.

We parked about 5 minutes walk from the area and the side of the road leading up to the place had several strawberry stands and they looked really nice.

We went in to the area and was taken back. There were vendors of everything and nothing mixed with carousels and food stands – as any summer market in Scania (Sjöbomarknad or Kiviksmarknad). We walked around and tried to find the strawberries. In one place they actually had a exhibition of how they grow and water the plants. And then there were a few churches that had stands where they sold strawberry shortcake.

The longer we stayed in the place the hotter it got, the more people there were and no place to eat sitting down or stand in the shadow. We left and had lunch elsewhere where we could sit down and enjoy the food.

It was an experience but one time will be enough 🤪