Cedar Keys

I have wanted to go to Cedar Keys as it’s said to be how Key West used to be before the tourists found it. Cedar Key is Florida’s second oldest town and was established in 1869 but have history going back 1000 years. It has been destroyed by hurricanes a few times over they years.

Cedar Keys was a fishing village but after a statewide ban on large-scale net fishing went into effect 1995, many local fishermen began farming clams in the muddy waters.

The weather today was supposed to be in the mid twenties and we thought was an excellent temperature. Cedar Key is 2,5 hours drive north of Tampa and driving there we saw the temperature fall and when arriving it was 13 degrees Celsius. We were not dressed for that kind of weather and had to stop at a gift shop to buy some sweaters 😳

We did walk around to see all of it. Then we stopped at Tony’s who is famous for their clam chowder, it was the nicest clam chowder we’ve ever had.

It was a nice trip but it’s not a place I would go back to unless to rent a house/condo for enjoying being on the water.

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Beautiful pictures. A pity the weather didn’t cooperate. I love the house with the nice balcony’s (above the pink one).

It was very pretty – in Sweden it’s called (direct translated) carpenters joy.

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