Sun, lunch & friends

Today we had another Nordic lunch at Westshore Yacht Club where all the Norwegian families live.

We started a little earlier by hanging out around the pool before we ordered the food. We decided to eat out of the sun which was nice and a bit cooler even if it was hardly noticeable. We hung out at the pool for another few hours before I had to leave.

I just went home to get changed before heading to Clair-Mel to volunteer with Service to Service. It’s now starting to get hot as we are standing in the sun packing and handing out all the items.

When I got home I had a shower and it was so nice. Sweating for a couple of hours and then the dry soil sticking to you was nice to get rid off.

Dinner and then the wait started. Our friends was coming to visit and their flight had been delayed a couple of times. But around midnight they arrived.