Colorado day 2

Georgetown Lodge had breakfast included but wasn’t to our liking. Coffee, juice and a Danish. As we had an early night yesterday we woke up at 6 am so got going early as well.

First drive was to Loveland Pass and it was windy and a bit chilly. We walked around for a while and decided to go down to I-70 to find some breakfast before driving towards Aspen.

We drove through Vail and then Glenwood Canyon. The canyon was stunning and it was hard to see everything and to get it on photo.

When turning towards Aspen we drove through Glenwood Springs. While driving I suddenly spotted a small sign saying Doc Holliday’s grave. We turned and parked and thought that 800 m was a short walk. But it was going up hill the entire time and felt so much more than 800 m.

Aspen was busy and we tried to find a place for lunch. We only wanted some light lunch so we could get going again. Ended up going to the grocery store and getting food. We sat outside on a bench while eating, Aspen is a really nice town.

Driving from Aspen we headed towards Independence Pass and it was small roads and really windy. Then we drove to Leadville and continued to Tennessee Pass where we turned and drove back to Leadville. As we arrived earlier to Leadville than planned we decided to check in and then rest for a while before going for dinner. The high altitude makes you more tired than normally.

In Leadville we found an old saloon from 1879 that is still running. It has been running continuously since it first open and one famous customer was Doc Holliday who lived in the town for 3 years while he lived across the street. Most of the interior is original.