Beach, dinner and sunset

Peter came home a little bit earlier today and we headed to Sand Key for some beach time before I move back to Sweden.

We stopped by Subway for some sandwiches to take to the beach. Once we had set up chairs and umbrella P needed to eat 😉

We went into the water and P complained of the water being to warm. It was warm but I like it lukewarm 🤪 I think it was 34-35C

Some reading (I’m really trying to finish my book for the book club) and a short nap. That’s my problem with the book – I get so sleepy after a few pages. It’s not that the book is boring but might be the way Joyce Carol Oates write.

When I wanted to go back into the water P refused as he got to hot being in the water 😳 It was a bit cooling getting out of the water, for about 30 seconds at least.

We noticed that there was bad weather behind us but didn’t worry as we heard no thunder. All of a sudden the dark clouds were over us and it smelled of rain and the wind came. To be sure we packed up and went to the car with our things.

Then we went back to the beach and waited for the sunset. It was a lovely sunset.